Interactive 3D Articulated Skeleton

a new tool for demonstrating
Human Joint Kinematics

KineMan is a web application that allows you to demonstrate & observe realistic human skeletal motions, interactively and in 3D. You can view the skeleton from any perspective, and you can select & move joints thru realistic ranges of motion.

Compared to other anatomical models and software, KineMan is:

You can move selected joints or the entire skeleton via intuitive cursor motions. No programming required.
Bones and joints move immediately & smoothly, in response to your cursor movement (thanks to WebGL graphics)*.
Joints move realistically, by using kinematic parameters derived from scientific literature & authoritative texts.
Move the lumbar or cervical spine as a group. Move the shoulder blade so it follows the rib cage. As simple as any other joint.
Nearly half a million illuminated triangles are used to render the KineMan image in simulated 3D space.
All under your control.
All movements are quantified using precise numeric readouts, & are described using scientific bone names & osteokinematic movement terminology.

KineMan is available in two Editions:

KineMan Basic KineMan Pro
Essential functionality,
for Free!
Advanced functionality,
available by subscription.
Start KineMan (Basic)

Recommended usage:

Students, teachers
Trainers, athletes
Researchers, clinicians
Artists & illustrators
Demonstrate & observe
Teach & learn
Measure, orient, analyze
Pose & render
Kinesiology, biomechanics
Orthopaedics, rehabilitation, anatomy
Safety & ergonomics
Athletics, dance, martial arts
Human figure drawing

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Is your computer KineMan compatible?

* KineMan uses the WebGL capabilities of your browser to display 3D graphics. For best results, you should use either Firefox or Chrome as your browser, and your computer should have a modern graphics processor (GPU).

Please see the Help/Requirements section for further information.

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Original bone data created & licensed by Longchamp Labs/21st Century Solutions Ltd; FFI see Bone & joint data file formats and content are copyright Neosim R&D.