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KineMan Movable 3D Human Skeleton Model.

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KineMan Movable 3D Human Skeleton Model

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Movable 3D Human Skeleton

Pointing at:
  Related joint:


Do this:

identify a bone hover the cursor over a bone; see its
name in the 'Pointing at' box
move the full body use the white (body) sliders - or -
drag across the viewing area:
    drag = spin around blue axis, &/or
                tilt around green axis.

    drag = spin around blue axis, &/or
                tilt around green axis.
    [alt]+drag = dial (rotate in-plane)

    (regular and [Alt] dragging now
    moves the joint, see below)

    [shift]+drag = horizontal or vertical
    [alt][shift]+drag = distance
select a joint
to move
click on its distal bone - or -
use the 'Moving Joint' menu above
deselect all joints click on the black background - or -
select None from the 'Moving joint' menu
no joints are currently same
move a joint before you can move a joint, you have
to select it, as described above
use the gray (joint) sliders  - or -
drag across the viewing area:
    drag = swing long axis (1 or 2 DOF)
    [alt]+drag = rotate about long axis     (More)

 Show axes 

 operations completed. 


KineMan v3.76. Copyright Neosim R&D 2012-2015
Structured data for web application:
Name: KineMan: Interactive 3D Skeleton URL: Description: Demonstrate & observer realistic human skeleton joint motions in 3D, in your browser! For use in medical, educational, sports & fitness, safety & ergonomics, art & illustration. A WebGL 3D graphics application.
Requires: Windows 8/7/XP plus: Chrome or Firefox (current stable version), with Javascript enabled, modern GPU, & latest graphics driver.
Category: Medical Application (as well as Sports, Education, Health, Design, and Reference)
Size: < 5Mb
Price: 0.00(free for personal & restricted professional use; pls see Terms of Service).