Movable 3D Human Skeleton


KineMan has been designed to work on a wide variety of devices, operating systems, and browsers, with a uniform/consistent set of features. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to provide the same set of capabilities on all platforms. This page lists the current known platform-dependent limitations & discrepancies.

Device, OS, BrowserKineMan FeatureLimitation(s)
Touch screensModifier keys
( [Ctrl], [Alt], [Shift] )
Actions involving modifier keys are not supported for touch screens. So for example, you can't select medium or fine sensitivity for the sliders.
(Advanced Option users) Likewise, to access the Show/Hide Bones menu, the [Ctrl]-Click or [Ctrl]-RightClick methods are not available. Please see the 'Touch input' tab on the Instructions page for an alternative method.
Bone identification by 'hovering' 'Hovering' doesn't work for touch screens. Please see the 'Touch input' tab on the Instructions page, for alternative methods.
Colored arrow cursors in the viewing areaCursors aren't available for touch screens.
Select a joint by clicking its distal boneYou have to click 2 times, if the bone is white (but just once if it's already identified (= orange)).
iOS + SafariSaving image or repository filesThe normal procedure to save files to your local disk doesn't work. However, you can save them, if you have (or are willing to use) DropBox as a storage location. For detailed instructions, please see Saving KineMan files using iOS.
iOS + (Chrome or Firefox)Saving image or repository filesIt's not currently possible to save files, when using these browsers.
iphone (& possibly other handhelds)Import a background video. (Advanced Option subscribers): Videos cannot be imported into the background area.

Some of the limitations above may be temporary: for example, as browsers are improved, they may permit new capabilities within KineMan. So, if you are significantly thwarted by any of the limitations listed here, please check back here whenever a new KineMan version is released.

(Updated 26 Mar 2018)