Movable 3D Human Skeleton

Pro/Advanced Option: Show & Hide Bones

Show or Hide Bones

The KineMan Pro Show & Hide Bones feature allows you to hide individual bones, or to show individual bones in isolation. Hiding a bone allows you to see details that would be otherwise obscured: for example, clicking on the frontal bone of the skull allows you to view the skull’s interior. Showing a bone in isolation allows you to focus attention on it, and also to view details that are normally obscured by its neighbors. For example, you can isolate an individual vertebra, to examine the shapes of its articular surfaces.

Show/Hide examples: (left) Reveal obscured details, (mid) isolate a bone, (right) isolate a joint

You can also show or hide combinations of bones. For example, for any bone, you can show it along with its ‘parent’, i.e., its proximal neighbor bone (or group). This can be useful when focusing attention on the behavior of a specific joint, without the interference or distraction of other bones. Or, you can Show All bones, to reset the view after hiding multiple individual bones. Options for showing or hiding any bone, or group thereof, are offered in a bone-specific context menu.

Show/hide context menu options (click to enlarge)

Hidden bones in KineMan Pro have special properties:

Temporarily reveal hidden bones